Santanyí rock is calcarenite that is quite pure, with barely any matrix. Its origin is calculated to be in the first half of a marine sequence of the Upper Miocene.
Its most distinctive features are its hardness, which allows it to be cut and carved, its low absorption and its resistance to compression. All these features have made Santanyí rock an indispensable element for construction, the pride and mark of identity of the Santanyí region.
Type Absorption
to compression
Resistance to
M. de S'Arenal 23.19% 35 kg/cm² 18 kg/cm² 1.462 kg/m³
M. Porreres 18.43% 36 kg/cm² 21 kg/cm² 1.597 kg/m³
P. Santanyí 3.48% 131kg/cm² 55 kg/cm² 1.794 kg/m³
M. Muro 23.62% 44 kg/cm² 23 kg/cm² 1.528 kg/m³
M. Felanitx 9.23% 59 kg/cm² 54 kg/cm² 1.961 kg/m³
*Data collected by the magazine Roc Máquina Nov. 97